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Basic things to know before choosing the Best Blogging Platform


Article: 1 | Date: 22/March/2016

If you are planning to start a new blog then this article is going to answer your basic question.  Also helps you to choose the right Blogging Platform/technology.

Basic Questions for every New Blogger:choose-best-blogging-platform-question-mind-2016

  • How to start a blog?
  • Do you want to Earn Money by your blog?
  • Which is the best blogging Platform?
  • How to decide or choose the best blogging Platform/Technology/Software?
  • What are the main factors to consider before choosing the best Blogging Platform?
  • Which Blogging Platform is best for SEO ?
  • Which Blogging Platform is best for Earning Money?
  • Which Blogging Platform is User Friendly or Easy to Use?

Let’s start with the very first question, Do you want to earn money by your blog?

To get the right answer, All you need is to decide that how you want to see yourself. As a Free Blogger or a Money Making Successful Blogger. I personally do not recommend you to opt Free Blogging Platforms. 

Free Blogging may leads you to get more followers, fame or an identity but you can’t earn money using Free Blogging Platforms. So, I highly recommend you to invest a bit to get your own Server and a good Domain Name.

Well, For choosing the right Blogging Platform. These are the main factors you need to consider before starting a blog:

1- Costing (Free & Paid):

Most of the platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr are available free. Wix, Squarespace, Penzu, etc are available as free and paid according to their limitations and features.

Free versions of Platforms like Wix,  Tumblr, Spacesquare, Blogger, Penzu, etc will not allow you to earn money if you don’t opt their Premium Services. is an only Open Source free Platform which allows you to earn money by many ways. To make a Money Making Blog using WordPress, you only need to pay a little amount of money to buy a DOMAIN NAME and a WEB SERVER/WEB HOST. I recommend you to use for the better services.

Domain Name & Basic Web Server for a single website costs you around $3.49/Month + Free Domain on Bluehost.

  • WordPress: (Free)/.com(Paid)
  • Blogger: Free and Paid Both.
  • Wix, Tumblr, Squarespace and other: Free and Paid Both


2- Plugins (Flexibility & Customization) :

bloging-platform-2016-wordpress Plugins- CustomizationPlugins play the major role in blogging. Plugins allow all the bloggers to represent their blogs. Overall look and performance of every blog depend on Plugins. So we need to find out the Plugin Rich technology/Platform.

  • WordPress: 50000+ Plugins
  • Blogger: Limited
  • Wix, Tumblr and other: Very Limited

More Plugin means more flexibility and customization,  WordPress is a clear winner among all platforms having a huge list of free and paid plugins.


3- Themes & Appearance:

blogging-platform-Customization-Themes- Appearance-2016The overall design/User Interface of any website or Blog depend on themes. Themes also play a major role in performance. Free themes are available in all the platforms.

  • WordPress: 5000+ Themes (Including Free and Paid)
  • Blogger: 1000+ Themes (Including Free and Paid)
  • Wix, Tumblr and other: 800+ Themes (Including Free and Paid)


4- SEO Friendly:

Best-Blogging-platform-seo-friendly-2016Search Engine Optimization helps to grow your content or posts. Major part any blog good content is directly proportional to maximum audience reach but somehow Blogging platforms/Technologies also play a major role in order to optimize any blog post or content. So all you need is to choose the maximum Seo Friendly rated technology.

  • WordPress: 9.5/10  (Standalone and  free/paid Plugins) 
  • Blogger: 8/10  (Standalone and free/paid Plugins) 
  • Wix, Tumblr, Squarespace, etc: 5-7/10 ( Standalone and Editors)


5- Social Media Integration:

“Every Train need a good speed Engine to achieve the destination as fast as possible.” 

Best-Blogging-platform-social-media-2016Social Media is like a catalyst on World Wide Web(Internet), All platforms are well equipped with Social Media Tools but in order to depth customization WordPress is more flexible and Plugin Rich platform.

  • WordPress: 10/10  (free or paid Plugins) 
  • Blogger: 9/10  (free or paid Tools and Widgets)
  • Wix, Tumblr, Squarespace, etc: 8-9/10 (Tools and Widgets)

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